Advent 2014: Don't go Overboard with this Reflection Stuff


My sister, niece, and nephew got here tonight. I miss living 10 minutes from each other. But now we get to spend the weekend together, haul out sleeping bags, and hear Loretta and Hannah Mae whisper and giggle into the night. 

I wish one of us had been diligent enough to follow my nephew Ezra around with a notebook and record all the ridiculously funny things he says. 

Last night, Naomi pulled out the Advent devotional they've been reading from. Ah. A nice little poem or life message, coming right up. 

Ezra, in his inimitable little kindergarten voice, said, "Mom, don't get so caught up in Advent that you forget about giving gifts." Indeed. Let's not get carried away with this introspective #$*. There are some candy canes to eat.