Advent 2014: Time to Ditch the Sorting System


We had a full, Spirit-filled day. I took my nephew's advice and, instead of ruminating on Advent, we just lived it. Went to church and sang, sat around during coffee hour instead of rushing away, and spent all day at Breeze and Colin's house eating, playing basketball, decorating cookies, and talking. Since I had blessedly zero time for composing anything, I want to share some bits from Nadia Bolz-Weber's book Pastrix, which I started this weekend:

Here's the whole problem with...grace. It can both sting and comfort. My own fundamentalist wiring will always lead me to want two sets of labeled containers--in this case, Bad: the conservative people who hate the gays and Good: the liberal people who love the gays. I might always put people and things in those containers, but the problem comes when I start believing that God uses the same sorting system.

I want the kingdom of God, and be more impressive, more....spiritual. To look like I think it should. But I have learned that...the kingdom of God is more like a workplace--filled with type A personalities, whose sense of entitlement would rival Paris Hilton's, alongside slackers, who take too many smoke breaks and spend their money on scratch tickets.

What makes the kingdom of God is not the quality of the people in it...Rather, what makes us all blessed is that...God comes and gets us, taps us on the shoulder, and says, "Pay attention, this is for you." Dumb as we are, smart and faithful as we are, just as we are.