Oatmeal Cookies with Milk Chocolate and Cranberries


Am I a Mom or what? If I'm posting this many cookie recipes in 10 years, you need to do an intervention.

For now, if I were to put a caption under my life, it might say something like, "Sarah Murphy-Kangas, 39, mother of two, spends 20 hours per week assembling portable food, including homemade cookies. Her children report they would be just as happy (or happier) with Oreos."

(And don't worry. Wyatt and Loretta don't have cute Bento lunches with lotus-shaped sandwiches. The cookies are as far as I go.)

I guess it must be a therapeutic Sunday tradition. We're home from church, Yancey is napping, Wyatt is doing homework, Loretta is crafting, and Sarah is baking.Those are moments when I'm really, really content. Half my brain is usually anxious about the week ahead, but somehow the other half is still able to notice jazz on the stereo, the ritual of tying my apron on, and the luxury of having a kitchen to cook in.

These cookies are SO GOOD. I try not to sell anyone on my recipes ("You have to try these!" "These are the best!"). So I won't do that. But you know if I'm using all-caps, this grammarian is SERIOUS.

Have a love-filled week, friends.


Oatmeal Cookies with Milk Chocolate and Cranberries
This is a variation on an Alice Medrich favorite. Use the link below, adding 1/2 c. dried cranberries in addition to the raisins and adding 1/2 bag of milk chocolate chips. I doubled my batch since one doesn't keep the cookie jar full all week. (Yancey has been known to sample.) You need to think ahead so the dough can refrigerate for at least two hours. And preferably longer, giving the oats a chance to soak up the butter.

Oatmeal Cookies