I can make biscuits in my sleep. Easy.

You've heard this soapbox before, but one of my biggest cooking tips is to master a few things and keep doing them, over and over. You'll start feeling more comfortable in the kitchen, you might start improvising on your standards, and you'll get faster. For me and my set, speed is important in the kitchen. Most "30 minute recipes" involve a lot of prepared food. Even then, I don't trust them to be 30 minutes. The more laborious route is simply to cook more. That's what makes you quick.

I am still laid up with a broken bone--no cast, no surgery, just instructions to "stay off it." In my slowing down and "taking it easy" as the doctor admonished, I have felt the waters of goodness and awareness running downhill, pooling up inside me, around me.

Loretta has spent a lot of time brushing and braiding my hair. She's never seen me sit around so much or be so accessible. What is better than feeling those little hands on my scalp? Someday I will dream about it.

I have practiced the "Meditation of Sound," lying on the couch and listening to sounds in the house, sounds on the street, and letting them wash over me. There are so many sounds I've never paid attention to.

The kids are now doing almost all the dishes. I have fantasized about this! (And yes, my cooking is their bondage. More pots and pans than your average household.)

And of course I am dreaming about getting back on the trails and on my bike, alone or with friends. I miss it in a visceral, longing kind of way, and don't think I'll take it for granted again. At least not for a long time.

I hope something comes easy for you today--tonight's dinner prep, awareness of your own automatic in-and-out breath, or the love you feel for yourself when you look in the mirror or go about your work.