Off to Vegas


It's hard to extract myself from my life sometimes. But we're going to Las Vegas for the Saveur Best Food Blogger Awards, so I guess it's worth it.

Make the lists for the 4 people that are helping with the kids. (And now the dog gets his own page of instructions. He can't talk and give them himself.) Leave with too much work undone, the stairs not vacuumed (Again, dogs. His hair.) Cross my fingers that Wyatt remembers all his baseball gear, that my newly planted veggie starts don't croak, that the kids don't forget their lunches because their enabling mother isn't around to remind them.

But even if it all goes south (which it won't), I get to steal away with my honey for 3 days and be celebrated. I've been thinking of this time as a way to be 100% grateful. My spiritual director said, "If 'thank you' is the most essential prayer, you're going to be awash in prayer in Vegas." And maybe some gin and tonics, too.

The last few weeks have ploughed me under a bit. Too many responsibilities and too little time is what it feels like. But underneath it all, there's a seed of blessing, of belonging, of connection, and its my busyness and ego that obscures it. Vegas might be a funny place to dig it out again, but that's my plan.

And you, my dearest, most favorite, most beautifully aware readers--thank you for being in conversation with me for 5 years! I was reminded this week, listening to an interview with Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, that "Listening is an act of love." You have done that for me, and I hope your lives are full of people that do that for you.

If you're an Instagram user, I finally have a profile for In Praise of Leftovers (inpraiseofleftovers) and you can follow along if you want to see my mind blown.

P.S. Jordan took this photo of me when were together on Lummi Island last month. It reminds how happy I am and all of us when we feel known and loved. Thank you for being part of that for me.