Yay for Veggies on my Porch!


A shout out to Dandelion Organics for the amazing bounty I find on my doorstep every Tuesday.

I spend an hour prepping everything and our family eats a lot more vegetables as a result. (I know. A whole 60 minutes?!) Anyone who says cooking doesn't take any time is wrong. They are pulling your convenience-loving leg. It DOES take time, even if all you eat is raw vegetables!

My soapbox (What?! I have one? I'm taking a leap and expressing some opinions here for the first time.) is that we take time for all sorts of other things that are far worse for our health and well-being--internet shopping, Facebook gawking, T.V. watching, email-checking. And good things like work, friendships, family time, sleep, leisure, and even exercise don't keep up healthy and strong the way eating well does. It's worth it! Start small! And then brag about it like I do!

P.S. A weekly veggie delivery is a giant luxury. If your life won't allow that, buy cut-up celery and carrot sticks from the deli. More vegetables is more important than what kind of vegetables.