Advent 2016: We are the Story

Yesterday at church, my pastor called the children up front and pulled out her nativity scene. The kids gathered around while she set it up, wise men and shepherds falling over, the star crooked. She told them that Advent isn't about the historical details of the story, but about how we find ourselves in the story. She handed out all the characters and told the kids to take them back to the pews with them. So we sat with a fluffy little sheep and a fat angel for the next hour. Loretta and my niece propped them up in all sorts of positions while we sang and prayed.

Those shepherds, wise men, innkeeper, barn animals, angels, God in a body--how will they show up today? How will the miracle happen? Where is the love waiting to be born? What pilgrimage is calling you, what trek across frozen fields to find the mystery? What stranger knocks at your door, needing warmth? What kingdoms need defying? What silence needs keeping? What good news needs heralded or good sense needs defying? What piece of God's dream is yours?