Advent 2016: Preparing for Winter

Winter Scene

I can wish, pray, dream, petition
for it to be other than it is.
But still, it must be faced,
this world as we made it--

cities reduced to dust,
medicine too expensive to take,
refugees drowning in cold seas,
peasants camping outside the halls of power,
hateful men meeting in secret.

Lord, I will not turn away.
I will not grow resigned, despairing, caustic.

Look! See how the earth teaches us to prepare:
The squirrel has stockpiled nuts,
the bear has found his den,
the geese flee in formation,
their long migration a beautiful necessity.
The rabbit grows white fur
to better hide in the snow,
turtles find warm mud
at very bottom of the pond.

All find ways to stay warm,
to survive, to emerge,
to carry on with the protest of living
through another cold winter.