Advent 2016: Protest Psalm

Protest Psalm

God of light and darkness
and of the shadow in-between,
you have got to be seeing
how crazy this shit is.

In the glow of my laptop tonight,
doors locked, healthy, insured son next to me,
I beseech you:

Give those Water Protectors unstoppable power.
Rain down wool socks, dry tents, convoys full of truth,
pipeline abandoned, all those plans gone to hell.

Don't let marriage equality become a memory.
We need every drop of love we can get in this world.

Help me and my white friends
wake up to the world we created.
May we be experts at saying,
"I don't understand. I've got some learning to do."

By some explosive miracle,
let every man, woman, boy, girl, and other pronoun-ed person
receive healthcare, food security, employment, shelter,
dignity, and love, love, love.

Bring those Wall Street billionaires down to size.
And fast-food workers? They'll take the glossy front page.

Give our public schools
every computer, social worker, recess
and healthy lunch they need.

Keep us out of war,
and help us enfold every refugee of war
that seeks solace here.

Keep me on my toes, keep me
listening, keep my loving my enemies
(are you serious with that?!),
keep me drowning in your impossibly impolite
revolutionary love.