Advent 2016: You're not the Boss of Me

Open Letter to the President Elect
on the Limits of His Power

You can't keep us from going out for holiday pizza
with our beautiful babysitter
and exchanging love notes in an ungilded way
you've never known.
You can't keep us from driving around afterward
to look at Christmas lights,
singing with Chance the Rapper,
"Are your ready for your blessing?
Are you ready for your miracle?"

And here's the miracle:
your plots will finally fail.
Babies will be born,
we will still dream of freedom.
We will still share meals,
and some of the smartest and talented people
won't look like you.
We will rise, march, sing, and resist
in a way that terrifies you,
in the way that love has always
terrified hate,
in the way that warmheartedness
has always demolished kingdoms.
Are you ready for this miracle?