Advent 2016: In Celebration of Surviving

My colleague Shana says that resilience is like opening the junk drawer, seeing what's in there, and working with it. It doesn't mean that everything's okay, but that you've found a way in spite of the odds.

This morning, on my way to a stressful day with clients, getting on the freeway in the pitch black after an insomniac night and reading too much news, I had that feeling: It's going to be okay. And it reminded me of a favorite poem by Chuck Miller, in celebration of surviving. Here's the last stanza:

standing in the winter night
emptying the garbage and looking at the stars
you realize that although the odds are fantastically against you
when that single January shooting star
flung its wad in the maw of night
it was yours
and though the years are edged with crime and squalor
that second wind, or twenty-third
is coming strong
and for a time
perhaps a very short time
one lives as though in a golden envelope of light