Advent 2016: Post-Election To-Do's

Post-Election To-Do's

I know now
it's useless to pretend
in the face of such dominion,
everything counts.

Throw the orange peel
in the compost,
rescue it from landfill,
and smell it first.

Pay the parking meter
so the woman digging in her purse
gets five pleasant seconds,
no matter how she voted.

Pet the eager dog
waiting by the door
though my arms are full
and my self-absorption is great.

Give money or cough drops
or apples or hot coffee
to anyone who looks like
they need it. Stock up and do it again.

Return the phone call,
turn the lights off,
send the letter,
resist the purchase,
pray the prayer,
believe the sad stories
and the miracles, too,
and say to the madness:

I meet you with presence.
I meet you with quiet mind.
I meet you with open heart.

And oh, yes, with strength,
strength like a many-stranded rope,
unbreakable in the storm.