In Praise of Sunday Prep

I've been gone for a couple weeks for work--the longest I've been away from my kids. We missed each other, Yancey held down the fort more than capably, and I had a great time geeking out on work, not making lunches, and concocting all sorts of resolutions like, "Have Loretta do her own laundry," and "Don't take on any more volunteer roles this year."

Strangely, though, I did kind of miss Sunday Prep. Today, it went like this:

  • Sift through the fridge before church and make a shopping list. Note that the fresh tumeric and parsnips weren't big hits while I was gone.
  • Look at the calendar and decide it's going to be a rice and beans week--too many meetings and basketball games to get very creative.
  • Wonder during church whether it's a Trader Joe's week or not. Decide "yes." They do not sell dried beans, but you know me. I have a huge bag of them.
  • Leave the kids doing chores after church while I run to TJ's and brave the Sunday parking lot.
  • Resist the potted succulents at the entrance.
  • Buy too much ice cream because I'm a sucker for making Wyatt happy.
  • Have Wyatt carry in the groceries and Loretta help me unpack them.
  • Sort fruit bin and make sauce from the soft apples and bruised pears.
  • Cook up a giant vat of pinto beans.
  • Roast TWO heads of cauliflower that have somehow ended up in my fridge. (With olive oil and harissa powder.)
  • Wash greens. (Always. Never-ending.)
  • Cut up the carrots and celery that should have been dealt with last week.
  • Make a batch of our favorite chile and garlic condiment.

Thomas Moore says, "To the soul, the most minute details and the most ordinary activities, carried out with mindfulness and art, have an effect far beyond their apparent insignificance."

Thank you, Universe, for an uneventful Sunday of unloading the dishwasher, singing in church, and cleaning the fridge. Thank you for the neighbor girl knocking on the door, an apron tied around my waist, and the parsnips that still haven't lost their crunch. Thank you that my two children wandered through while the applesauce was cooking and hovered near me until it was done. Thank you for our souls, which persist through increments and through explosions, and for the endlessly interesting odyssey they are on. Thank you for Sunday Prep and for all the moments that can't be prepped for. Amen.