Lent 2017: Yes to Making Space

Jesus had to go out to the desert to be alone. Some days, it almost feels that drastic. (Especially when the pumps at the gas station now blare media clips and there are ads pasted onto the floor of the grocery store. Ack! Leave us alone!)

When my kids were little and we lived in an 800 square foot house, the only place that could be mine was the mantle above the fireplace. Children couldn't reach it, it was too narrow to hold file folders, too inconvenient a spot to set coffee cups. At the beginning of the month, I'd create a little tableau up there with a branch or blossom, a quote, something to mark the season or get me through to the next one.

More recently, I am living in the lap of luxury with a new office I'm sharing with my colleague Laura. We've just set it up in the past six weeks, so I've been thinking a lot about space, place, and what that means for our yes's and no's.

You might have a little ribbon of a mantle. Or a place on your dresser or a full-on mediation cushion. You might have a quiet moment in the car before you start the ignition. Whatever the case, our souls need room to breathe!

What's your "yes" to making space? Denise Levertov would remind us, "Emptiness is a cup/and holds the ocean." Get ready to be filled.