Lent 2017: Yes to Partnership

This is my colleague and friend Laura. She took this photo on a snowy walk a week ago.

A year ago, we started meeting once a week to talk about work (we're both Organization Development consultants/leadership coaches). I had low expectations (usually a good idea) and was hoping we could talk shop, share ideas.

Instead, we've taught several workshops together, coached one another, and just had a love-filled open house for an office space we're now sharing. She called to check in today, and I said, "Why are things so easy between us?! I feel like whatever we put our hands to turns to gold." She said, "I think that's because we are both operating out of our Essence."

Bingo. I call myself a Collaboration Junkie, and am always longing for connection, intimacy, partnership. And I've tried a lot of work partnerships that have taught me something, but left me wanting. When I step back, I wonder if I just wasn't settled enough in myself. I hadn't dropped down to that place of Essence, that place beyond personality, beyond preferences, beyond opinions and ego. Not that I'm there now (I wish!!), but at least I know that's where I want to be. And that turns out to make all the difference.