Lent 2017: Yes to Soul Maintenance

This is my tenth entry, and time for a little Lenten check-in.

As Parker Palmer says, we're good at creating space for our brains to show up. We're sometimes okay at creating space for our bodies to show up. We suck at creating space for our souls to show up--that part of us that longs for MORE, that part of us that knows what sorrow is and so longs for more joy.

Here are few Lenten reflection questions if you're brave enough:

  1. What gifts are trying to offer themselves up to me? How can I get out of the way and accept them?
  2. What suffering needs to be experienced before I experience more freedom and groundedness? What support do I need to walk into that suffering?
  3. In what ways could I be exhibiting indifference toward the world around me? What does my soul tell me about that when I listen?
  4. What embodied tenderness and affection is available to me? How can I say "yes' to that?
  5. What commitments or obligations aren't life-giving anymore? How can I walk away from them?
  6. If I were to have an encounter with the Divine right this instant, what message would I hear?