Lent 2017: Yes to Shining your Crazy Light

I listened to this podcast today (thanks for the tip, Emily), and heard this (from the Gospel of Thomas, a Biblical apocryphal book of non-canonical sayings.):

"If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."


A couple years ago, I had an image that has profoundly guided me. I was stuffing produce down the chute of my juicer--beautiful, bright carrots, apples, celery, ginger. The juice was plentiful and nutritious, but the juice cap wasn't open, and it was clogging, overflowing all over the counter, staining the floor, uncontrollable and undrinkable. The message from the universe was, "Get out of the juicer and into the cup! If you don't, it's a mess."

Since then, I've redone my consulting website and given out hundreds of business cards. I found a way to be a spiritual teacher in my work. I started painting. I started writing what was in my heart, especially lots more poetry. I started seeing a therapist and dismantled my membership in several groups, both as a participant and as a facilitator. I set boundaries or walked away from relationships that didn't help me love God and myself more. I stopped wondering if I was okay and stepped into my flawed giftedness. I said "Yes!" to shining my crazy light.

All of that juice had to go somewhere. And if it didn't? What we do not bring forth will destroy us! Presence isn't a luxury. It's what we need in this broken world, now more than ever.

When we say "Yes" to this invitation, we're saying "No" to safety, indifference,  victimhood, complacency, stasis, all the stories about ourselves that have always WORKED for us. We're saying there's something below those stories, something below the way we hustle for love or attention or success or belonging or freedom. It's our Essence, and it's dying to be uncovered.

What's in you that's dying to come out? How can you bravely and lovingly call to it? What's stopping you?