Lent 2017: (Trying to) Go with the Flow

I haven't been posting! Life has intervened, and I have let it. In the last week:

I've flown to Kansas City to be with dear friends. We sat on the museum lawn in 80 degrees and talked about God and parenting and politics and culture.

I've been on a little food trip to Seattle with my Mom and sister where we ate too big a lunch too late in the day and ended up at the Frye Museum killing time until we were hungry again.

I've facilitated 3 events with my colleague Laura and soaked up every minute of meeting area business owners, helping them be better leaders, and then getting to teach the Enneagram again together, which is the work of my heart.

I have asked my babysitter to do a lot more than usual and she has blessed me again by obliging. For Wyatt's family birthday party tomorrow night, I am not cooking. The Thai place down the street is. And Amazon is supplying some "good enough" gifts.

Emily just left after 3 days here, during which time she took Loretta to the movies, obliged Wyatt in his plea for fast food, did the dishes, and didn't get offended when half our conversations were conducted while I was doing laundry, sweeping the floor, or paying taxes.

I was talking with her about a conundrum in a group I'm part of, and she said, "Just because you notice something doesn't mean you have to do something about it. Why don't you try going with the flow?" (Does she know how to cut through my BS or WHAT?!)

Wisdom, right there. Some of us deal with reality by withdrawing or choosing not to act, and the prescription might be different. For me, though, the invitation to "Go with the flow" is the voice of God: Sit back. Notice what's trying to be born. Let things unfold. Don't make too many plans. Don't worry so much about being right or good or impactful or in control. Let your friend Beth pick Loretta up from school, let Lisa make you dinner, let Rob and Willow be the Surrogate Super Parents. Let the dog lie around with no exercise. Let grilled cheese sandwiches be the menu for the week. Let that group you're in flounder a little bit without trying to facilitate it. Let your "Thank you" be enough. Let life take care of you the way it wants to. Relax into the okayness of life. All will be well and all manner of things shall be well.