Lent 2017: Yes to Being Down Here

The only thing I get in my inbox every day are Richard Rohr's meditations. You can subscribe here if you want this thirst-quenching stuff. Today, he says,

...true power is circular or spiral, not so much hierarchical. It’s here; it’s within us. It’s shared and shareable; it’s already entirely for us...God’s Spirit is planted within you and operating as you! Don’t keep looking to the top of the pyramid. Stop idolizing the so-called “Top 1 %.” There’s nothing worthwhile up there that is not also down here. Worst of all, it has given much of the world an unnecessary and tragic inferiority complex.

There isn't anything at the "top of the pyramid" that's worth the struggle. The only way to be "successful" is to dig into who we already are, what we already have. Anyone that's constantly talking about how much they own, how often they win, how much they've attained? Big red flag. Don't follow that person anywhere.

It's said that Catherine of Genoa, a Christian mystic who lived in the 15th century, ran through the streets shouting out her discovery--"My deepest me is God! My deepest me is God!" This is one of the truths that's most profoundly guided me the last 5 years. What we need isn't outside us. It's not a religion or career or political win or completed bucket list. Our power, our worth is already inside us, and it's only the path of descent that will get us there. Downward mobility, going deeper into who we already are and not being scared of what we find there. You in?