Advent 13: It's Good to Be Human


Had some driving time today, and heard Rob Bell, emphatic as ever, say, “It’s good to be human!”

My faith has had a lot of twists and turns over the years, and my experience of the Divine is always changing. I’d call myself “trans-spiritual” or “inter-spiritual” these days, but what I love about the Jesus story is that it’s about being human. Anything that starts with a refugee family having a baby in a barn is something that will captivate me forever. Here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago about that.


Christmas stories are piling up.
You see them everywhere, stories of
powerlessness, wandering,
no room at the inn. Stories of kingdoms
bent on domination,
fear, fear, fear.

You don’t know if it’s true—
shepherds watching flocks,
wise men from the east,
angels, mangers, glory in the
highest and all that.

But one thing is truer than history—
love doesn’t wait. Love doesn’t hang back,
demand comfort, status, or a clean hospital.
It’s born everywhere, all the time.

Whoever the characters were and
whatever they’ve become through the years,
here’s the real crèche:

your willingness,
your yes,
how you can enter a smelly barn
and find God in the cold.


P.S. Photo snapped at my friend Jenn’s house where I spent the day. The eggs were gathered by her beautiful daughter Leona this morning.